An Inside Look at Exceptional Care Through Telehealth

By: Ed Mercadante
CEO, MediTelecare

As the nation’s leading provider of behavioral telehealth services to skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, MediTelecare is proud to have an incredibly talented team of doctors and clinicians who consistently exhibit outstanding patient-focused care at the facilities in our network. With such a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer as a result of our best-in-class team of providers, we created this blog to provide a place where patients and their families, clinicians and others involved in behavioral health care can come to learn more about various aspects of our industry, telemedicine, the latest technology, research findings and so much more.

Here you’ll find articles written by our very own doctors and clinicians on a variety of topics that we hope can shed some light on the latest advancements in behavioral health, and also reflect the MediTelecare's commitment to high clinical quality, and patient-focused care. It’s our hope that by providing this forum for our team of professionals to share their experiences and professional assessments of the latest industry findings, we will create a valuable resource for our clinicians to learn from each other and practice collaborative care while also providing patients and their families with important information about the topics that affect them.

With a growing number of Americans being affected by mental health disorders and a large number of those people having difficultly accessing care according to American Psychological Association (, MediTelecare is committed to doing its part to contribute to changes and advancements in the behavioral health world to improve patient access and care. We view this blog to be one small piece of that puzzle.


Clinical Corner

March 19, 2019

Essential Information Needed For Appropriate Care of the Psychiatric Patient

Essential Information Needed For Appropriate Care of the Psychiatric Patient By Sherri Perry, MS, APRN, FNP-BC Clinical Director of Psychiatric Nursing, MediTelecare Many Long-Term Care (LTC) facilities struggle with problems of polypharmacy, comorbidities, chronic diseases, underlying mental health conditions, and […]
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