MediTelecareGo! ™ Frequently Asked Questions


1What is MediTelecare™ Go! ™ and how will this help me during the Coronavirus Crisis?
MediTelecareGo!™ is a digital hub designed to equip partnering facilities with a secure online platform, televideo workstation on wheels, and a tech-library of helpful resources which enable the facility staff to link residents to outside medical practitioners virtually.
2Can I use this platform to connect with other providers?
We also provide our partnering facilities the access needed to bring other Medical professionals into your facility via our telehealth platform.
3Do you provide the technology?
With MediTelecareGo!™ , partnering facilities are provided with a secure online portal containing access to resources and features including: Virtual scheduler, digital referral process and one click to synchronous Televideo sessions between residents and clinicians.
4Do you provide the technology equipment?
MediTelecare™ provides its partnering Go! facilities with 1 workstation on wheels that includes a laptop, ethernet cable, speakers and headphones.
Additional workstation on wheels & computer technology equipment can be ordered. The equipment, software/application preparation and installation with shipping costs are approximately $2950.00 per workstation.
5Can I use existing or other Computers to conduct Telehealth Sessions?
It depends on your technology. Usually most other types of workstations or laptops will not be able to be used because of firewall security, camera/video and speed/data requirements specifications.
6How quickly can I expect to receive the equipment?
Once a contract is signed, you can expect to receive the workstation on wheels in 5-10 days.
7Do you provide the training?
We have clinical support and a program manager that will train you and your staff on how to use your online portal/Hub and how to connect your residents to providers. We also offer real time support from a medical program manager and/or live chat.
8Can the facility bill for providing the Telehealth Service to their residents?
Yes, your facility can bill for each resident seen when your staff is assisting the clinical encounter. This is done by billing the Originating Site Facility Fee.
9How do I get reimbursed for the Originating Site Facility Fee?
The Originating Site Facility Fee is the location of an eligible Medicare beneficiary at the time of a telemedicine visit. The Site Origination Fee, (SOF) for short, is code Q3014 and is a separately billable Part B service. We will train you on how to document billing for these encounters. The Medicare Allowable is approximately $26 per telehealth encounter.


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