Efficiently manage your facility’s telehealth services with our new virtual technology!

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As the industry leading provider of behavioral telehealth services, we are proud to introduce a new way for our partnering facilities to provide Telehealth care to residents with our digital platform - MediTelecareGo!

With an easy-to-access online platform, MediTelecareGo! was designed to empower skilled nursing facilities with the resources and technology needed to provide exceptional behavioral health, psychiatric health, and medication management services.

Additionally, your facility's online portal can be managed by a member of your own staff, making it easier to introduce residents to telehealth and train your staff on administering televideo services.

Telehealth Made Easier

Using the MediTelecareGo! portal, your staff can easily...

Get reimbursed for each resident seen by assisting the clinical encounter

Refer residents through our easy-to-use virtual referral form

Digitally schedule and manage your appointment calendar

Conduct live televideo sessions between residents and clinicians

Access clinical notes through our Clinical Cloud repository

Receive immediate assistance through our Live Chat support

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