MediTelecare with Mindyra

Behavioral health conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression and dementia have many variables and can be difficuIt to diagnose and treat effectively, especially with nursing home patients.
MediTelecare clincians, using the Mind Health Survey developed by Mindyra, can more precisely diagnose a patient's behavioral health concerns quickly and easily.
The survey can be done in the comfort of the patient's own room aided by a medical assistant and over­seen by a clinical psychologist. The survey results can then be shared with the patient's care-provider team members.
Using this online survey together with their patients, health care pro­viders can understand their patients' problems more easily and target ap­propriate therapy more effectively.

Why Use the Mind Health Survey?

Many patients in nursing home en­vironments suffer with issues like anxiety, stress, depression and dementia that often go undiagnosed and untreated. The Mind Health Survey helps the clinicians identify the patients who are in need of behavioral health care and, most importantly, ensures that the treatment will be specific to the patient's needs.
Mindyra helps your health care provider to make a diagnosis and treat you, just like any other medical test. Think of this important survey as a "blood test for your mind". Your mental health coincides so closely with your physical health. They work together and should be cared for together.
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