Professional Opportunities with MediTelecare

By: Jeff Martindale, Ph.D.
Clinical Director – Department of Psychology

I have been in the field of telehealth and telemedicine for two years. My prior experiences in geriatrics also included working as a geropsychologist with the Veteran’s Health Administration. I am also retired Navy and I am grateful to be with a company that employs and supports Veterans.

Working as a Clinical Director at MediTelecare is a breath of fresh air. I am able to work with an interdisciplinary team of administrators to assist our providers to function at their best. In doing so, our providers are able to provide residents at long-term care facilities timely, professional, and up-to-date mental health services in the comfort of their own residence.

MediTelecare also supports a strong relationship with our customers, in this case, long-term care facilities. Our psychology provider’s goal is to integrate within the broad array of medical services that a resident in his or her facility receives. Providers collaborate frequently with administration, social services, and directors of nursing within a facility. Within MediTelecare, psychology providers are also able to collaborate with psychiatry providers, the Executive VP of Operations and Clinical Directors.

Professionals and customers will find that MediTelecare is innovative on many levels both in the services that we provide and in the technology that drives those services. From secure hardware to encrypted video services to the latest in electronic health records, the company is ahead of the curve. We are also a company that truly has the niche in the market place with providing care to rural long-term care facilities. Our roots date back to 2012 where we pioneered the use of technology for telehealth services. Today, MediTelecare is in 16 states providing quality, reliable, and consistent care to residents at long-term care facilities.

So how do aging residents react to therapy services over the computer? Actually, quite well with just a brief period of adaptation to the technology. For many residents, psychological care and psychiatric services are a new intervention. As a result, they must also adapt to these situations. MediTelecare brings both the human touch and technology within our services. Each long-term care facility will have a company facilitator to assist the resident with the technology and remain in the room to help the resident as needed. The therapy provider or psychiatric provider will then collaborate with the facilitator and patient to provide quality collaborative care with the long-term care facility. Residents quickly grow to develop a relationship with their provider and look forward to the visits.

I look forward to meeting new providers who also share the enthusiasm for working with MediTelecare. Working from the convenience of your home office is unique and rewarding. The flexibility of working from home is also optimal for providers with families. Many of our providers are licensed in multiple states and MediTelecare will help facilitate multiple licensures. The opportunites are certainly present for providers to pursue full-time careers in MediTelecare. Never has the time been better than now to join a growing but established leader in telehealth!

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