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Residents & Families

Our goal is not only to provide residents with consistent access to world-class clinicians, but also to make sure that their families can rest assured knowing that MediTelecare™  is making a difference in their loved one’s life.

Who is MediTelecare™ ?

MediTelecare’s™ team of clinicians provides behavioral and mental telehealth services to residents of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.
You may be wondering what exactly telehealth is, or how it works. We understand the difficulties families face to get the care and respect their loved ones need. That’s why telehealth is a simple solution that brings mental health clinicians to residents. Telehealth requires little more than an internet connection and a web camera. This allows your family member to meet face-to-face with clinicians via televideo – all while receiving the same level and quality of care as an in-person visit.
The process is safe, secure, and easy to use. Each facility has a dedicated MediTelecare™ facilitator to assist staff and residents with the tools and technology needed to more effectively provide quality care.

Benefits of MediTelecare™

  • At MediTelecare™ , we treat all residents and staff with the utmost respect and dignity
  • We improve quality of life through proper medication management and non-pharmacological interventions
  • Our clinicians treat residents like family through individualized care plans to ensure proper care
  • We provide peace of mind knowing your loved one is receiving continuous in-facility access to care
  • Our reliable behavioral telehealth care can help to reduce trips to the ED and hospital readmissions
  • We strive to minimize use of psychotropic medications to ensure safety and well-being
  • Our services are directly delivered in the facility, with no travel or transportation necessary
To learn more about our comprehensive telehealth program and range of behavioral and mental health services, click here.
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