We are the industry leader in providing behavioral and mental telehealth services to residents of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Our services utilize Televideo with face to face communication, and other virtual telemedicine technologies to streamline diagnostic evaluations, and design personalized treatment plans for each resident’s needs.

Our multidisciplinary teams administer thorough psychological and cognitive evaluations that make behavioral health care easier and help to avoid rehospitalizations. We provide medication management services for residents with the goal of medication reduction when possible, as well as intensive psychotherapy and behavioral services.

Facility Benefits

  • Proactive behavioral interventions to reduce unnecessary trips to the ED and hospital readmissions
  • Access to multidisciplinary teams of credentialed clinicians
  • No additional costs for facilities to implement services and standardized procedures
  • Utilization of non-pharmacological interventions as the first line of treatment when possible, improving performance in CMS quality measures and ratings
  • Access to evidence-based behavioral care and clinical documentation for MDS/Care Plans improving resident care and increasing facility star ratings

Resident Benefits

  • Minimized use of psychotropic medications ensuring safety and well-being
  • On-site access to care resulting in no interruptions in daily care
  • Improved quality of life through proper medication management and non-pharmacological interventions
  • Scheduled visits individualized to the resident, improving continuity of care
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