Frequently Asked Questions


1What types of services are offered through MediTelecare?
We offer expert behavioral health services. Medication managers and clinicians work closely to collaborate on the care of your residents. Mutual goals between the disciplines include minimizing symptoms and improving quality of life with an emphasis on reducing psychotropic medication use whenever clinically appropriate to do so. MediTelecare services buildings both through in-person visits as well as through telehealth services in rural communities.
2What is the role of the medication manager?
Our medication providers prescribe or recommend psychotropic medications as clinically appropriate, with awareness of and mindfulness about federal regulations and an emphasis on the unique needs and vulnerabilities of the residents we treat.
3What types of services are offered by the psychologist?
Psychologists offer a variety of services including individual therapy, family work, behavioral recommendations, neurocognitive screening, and decisional capacity evaluations when ordered by the covering physician.
4How often do you visit the resident and how long do you spend with them?
That depends upon several factors including medical necessity, severity of symptoms, and treatment goals. Psychologist often spend more face-to-face time with residents engaging in therapeutic conversation.
Medication managers assess patient face-to-face but also spend extensive time speaking with staff and reviewing medical records to safely prescribe. The amount of time spent with a resident, as well as the frequency of visits, is also determined by the patient’s ability to engage in treatment.
5Who pays for the services you offer?
We directly bill insurance companies for our services. Our intake and scheduling staff verify eligibility before initiating treatment. We are credentialed with most major payers.
6How can I refer a resident?
The referral process is simple and starts with a medical order from the Nurse Practitioner, Physician, or Medical Director overseeing treatment. This order along with the patient’s face sheet is faxed to our office where we take over the verification process before placing the patient on the provider’s schedule. It is the building’s responsibility to obtain consent from the resident, guardian, or DPOA before treatment is initiated.


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